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I spend some time working on the blackmagic network, and reading usenet news. I go for rides on my tour glide as often as possible.

I spend a lot of time with friends keeping our site alive. We own and operate the BlackMagic network which has been an enormous amount of fun.

We sold our old house in NJ ourselves and moved to WV. Should have some photos soon.

This site is kind of out of date, but I hope to update it soon with some new photos.

This is my ride, pre-deer. It looks about the same now (over a year latter) except for a small H/D sticker up front, and an Ultra fender. Ok what happened, "pre-deer", well lets just say at 50 mph the hog is just as effective as a winchester. It is a 1991 FLTC that I converted to an FLHTC with a few mild modifications.


Christmass photos from 2002:

Christmas Christmas2

My wife, Yocencia:

Yocencia Wedding Yocencia

These are my kids, Ricky and Stephanie. Rick Stephanie

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