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The Last Chance List

It's called 'The Last Chance List' because a number of web pages found here can be found nowhere else. If you can't find what you're looking for at some huge corporate resource, come to our little site and check ... you might be surprised how much information can be had by clicking through a few of the pages below.

The list was generated by our very simple information bot. The web sites here have been verified to the point that we know that at least an HTTP server is running, but that's about it. The entire process was automatic and took a few days to run. Information and questions about the bot should be directed via email to the web administrator, bot@BlackMagic.Com.

The information on these pages has been reorganized because it simply got too big for most peoples browsers to process, not to mention it was becoming a HUGE hog on our network.

Version 1 of this page is still available as

Version 2 (3/10/1995) is available as

Version 3 (current) is now available as

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